Your First Visit

What to bring to the dentist and what to expect on your first visit?

“Our dentists are dedicated to delivering top-quality care and results you can be proud of. Our administrative team is here to assist you with any inquiries regarding scheduling, financial policies, and insurance, ensuring a streamlined process for you.

This section provides insights from the administrative aspect of Village Dental, detailing what essentials to bring to the dentist and what anticipations to have for your inaugural visit.

Your Questions & Concerns

Your initial appointment at our Etobicoke dental office will entail a comprehensive assessment of your dental requirements and concerns, a thorough review of your medical history, a dental examination by your new dentist.

Your first meeting with Dr. Ramin Hassanein will involve a consultation where your diagnosis and treatment options will be explained. In certain cases, treatment can be administered on the same day as the consultation.

During your initial appointment, our team will be available to address your questions, apprehensions, and objectives, and devise a dental health care plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

Prior to your initial visit, take a moment to consider what topics you would like to discuss with us, ensuring that your concerns are forefront in your mind during your appointment.

We kindly request your cooperation in providing the following information during your consultation. This will facilitate the processing of any claims in a prompt manner.

Medical & Dental History

To ensure we provide you with the most suitable care for your dental health needs, it's imperative for us to have insights into your dental and medical history.

This encompasses details ranging from medications you are currently taking (even those unrelated to dental care) to any dental procedures and restorations you have undergone in the past, as well as any existing x-rays.

If your previous dentist has taken recent x-rays (within 6 months), you may request them to forward these to our office in Etobicoke. However, any new presenting conditions and emergency treatments often necessitate new radiographs to assist Dr. Ramin Hassanein in your diagnosis. If additional films are required, they can be taken at our facility in Etobicoke using our state-of-the-art radiographic equipment.

These details are vital in devising a dental healthcare plan that is tailored to your unique requirements.

With your authorization, your previous dental office can forward us your existing files and information. Nonetheless, we will request you to complete a new Patient History Form upon your arrival for your initial appointment with us, ensuring all our records are up to date.

Insurance Information

Following each appointment, our administrative team will handle the submission of insurance claim forms to your insurance company on your behalf.

To facilitate this process, we require up-to-date information regarding your insurance plan, including the insurer's name and mailing address, the group/policy/contract number, and your ID/certificate number.

Kindly ensure you have this information readily available for your first appointment with us.

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