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Oral Surgery, Major Renovation or Minor Touchup

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Oral Surgery, Major Renovation or Minor Touchup

Our mouths are vital for eating, drinking, and breathing, yet we often neglect them by skipping cleanings and not brushing or flossing enough. Ignoring oral health can lead to major dental issues, but luckily, modern dentistry offers solutions with minimal discomfort.

Where to Begin:

First, identify what you need fixing—chipped teeth, crooked teeth, or missing teeth. Then, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentists. They'll examine your mouth, discuss your health, and take X-rays to plan treatment.

Major Oral Surgery:

For severe issues, like worn-down teeth or enamel loss, you might need Full Mouth Rehabilitation. This could involve crown and bridge work or permanent implants. Other major procedures include dental implants, bridges, wisdom teeth extractions, or root canals.

Minor Corrections:

If you have minor issues like slight overbite or crooked teeth, Dental Veneers or Invisalign might be options. Veneers are thin shells bonded to teeth to improve appearance, while Invisalign is clear aligners that straighten teeth.


Recovery time varies based on the procedure and your health. Our Dentist will discuss this during your consultation. Be sure to mention any health issues and ask questions.

If you need a dentist in Etobicoke, visit Village Dental for personalized care and start your journey to a healthier smile.

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