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Getting Invisalign aligners in Etobicoke

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Getting Invisalign aligners in Etobicoke

Invisalign is like clear, removable braces that straighten teeth. First, your dentist takes a digital scan of your mouth. Then, they make custom aligners for you. You wear these aligners, changing to a new set every week. The dentist checks your progress regularly.

Metal braces can apply more force and control, so they might be better for some cases like severe tooth misalignment. Other options for braces include ceramic and lingual braces.

The cost of Invisalign in Etobicoke varies based on factors like how long you'll need treatment and the severity of your case. Your dentist will give you a treatment plan and cost estimate after an initial consultation.

Invisalign might feel a bit strange at first, but it's not usually painful. You might feel some pressure as your teeth move, but it's temporary. If it bothers you, your dentist can help.

More adults and teens are choosing Invisalign because it's discreet and easy to manage. If you're interested, you can visit our dentist for a consultation. They'll assess your needs and give you a treatment plan and cost estimate.

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