Dental Sport Guards Etobicoke

Dental Sport Guards Etobicoke

Why Custom-Fit Sports Mouth Guards Matter

A sports mouth guard is vital for protecting your teeth during sports and other active pursuits, as well as reducing the risk of head injuries like concussions.

While you can find generic mouth guards in stores, getting a custom-fit one from your dentist is best. This involves making a mold or scan of your teeth to create a mouth guard that fits perfectly, usually for your upper or lower teeth.

Custom-fit mouth guards offer better protection and comfort compared to generic ones, which may not fit well or feel stable during physical activities.

Why Invest in a Custom-Fit Mouth Guard from Your Dentist

Although getting a custom-fit mouth guard from your dentist might cost more, it's worth it for superior teeth protection, especially for sports enthusiasts. The cost includes:

  • Accurate molds or scans taken by the dentist for a perfect fit.
  • Options to customize for teeth grinding or clenching during the day.
  • Ability to adjust for better comfort and protection.
  • Slimmer, more comfortable fit than store-bought options.

In short, custom dental mouth guards are highly recommended for athletes and those with teeth grinding concerns.

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