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Apicoectomy Etobicoke

Understanding the Apicoectomy Process

When dental infections persist or develop following root canal treatment or retreatment, an apicoectomy may become necessary. During root canal treatment, the intricate canals within the roots are cleaned, and any infected or inflamed tissue is removed. Yet, due to the complexity of these canals, residual infected debris might remain in smaller branches, potentially hindering healing or leading to re-infection. This is where an apicoectomy comes into play.

The Essence of the Apicoectomy

An apicoectomy involves the careful removal of the root tip, also known as the apex, along with any infected tissue. This procedure is especially beneficial in cases where traditional root canal treatment may not have been entirely successful. By eliminating the source of infection, an apicoectomy supports the restoration of dental health.

The Surgical Technique

The apicoectomy procedure is often referred to as endodontic microsurgery due to its meticulous nature. The surgery is performed under the precision of an operating microscope, allowing for exceptional accuracy and optimal outcomes. The process involves accessing the root tip through a small incision, removing the problematic apex, and sealing the end of the root with a filling to prevent further infection.

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