Differences between earache and toothache

Toothache Symptoms & Causes The ear, nose and mouth are all connected which is why earaches can result from dental problems. Ear infection symptoms can vary depending on where the infection is located. You might suffer from an earache and fever, or experience dizziness and nausea. However, there's one sympto...
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Getting Invisalign aligners in Etobicoke

Invisalign are customized, clear, removable orthodontic aligners, alternatives to metal braces, used for correcting the tooth malalignment. After an initial consult, your dentist will take a digital scan of your mouth to create a customized treatment plan for you. The images from these scans are then used for the fabri...
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Oral cancer

Oral cancer ranks 16th on Global Cancer incidence worldwide. The oral cavity is lined by a mucous membrane that is made up of epithelium consisting of squamous cells. Quite often, abnormal changes occur in these squamous cells- resulting in squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth; which is the most prevalent, almost 90% o...
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Types of Dental X-Rays and Risks Associated

X-rays are an essential part of diagnosis & treatment planning in dentistry. They help your dentist evaluate your oral health. Dental X-rays use electromagnetic beam that travels through the tissues, bone & teeth. This electromagnetic beam is absorbed by each of the structures it passes according to their respe...
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Flossing is important for your teeth

Your mouth is a window to your overall health. Poor oral hygiene results in bacteria accumulation, that in turn leads to the formation of plaque & inflamed gums, which is detrimental for not only your oral health but to the overall health of your body. Researchers have linked periodontal disease with heart and kidney ...
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Do you need a Crown after Root Canal Treatment in Etobicoke?

Root canal treatment is the process of removing inflamed, infected or necrosed dental tissue called the dental pulp, followed by cleaning and filling of the space by a biocompatible filling material. Why should I get a crown after root canal treatment? After the pulp is removed, the tooth is no longer vital and...
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Am I a Candidate for Dentures?

Perhaps the most famous patient to ever wear Dentures is, of course, George Washington. We have all heard that he wore Dentures made of wood. However, the ones worn during his presidency were hippopotamus and elephant ivory held together with gold springs. Historians have found evidence of Denture use dating back to ...
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Oral Surgery, Major Renovation or Minor Touchup

Our mouths provide a variety of functions most of which are necessary to sustain life. Such things as eating, drinking or gasping for air make our mouths one of the most important parts of our bodies. Why don't we take better care of them? As extraordinary as our mouths are we tend to take them for granted by avoid...
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Preventative Dentistry, Proactive Dental Care

Brush morning and night, floss every day, avoid sugary foods, visit twice a year for cleanings, these are things you have probably heard from your Dentist since your very first visit as a child. The reason is preventive care is the foundation of dentistry. Preventive dentistry is the practice of keeping your teethin...
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Dental Implants, Improving Smiles

If one or more of your teeth are missing, there are some ways to replace them. An alternative option to bridges, partials or complete dentures may be dental implants. Implants are used to restore missing roots and sustain artificial replacement teeth. They are comfortable and look like natural teeth. What are dent...
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How to choose your dentist?

Take your time when choosing a dentist; don't wait for a dental emergency! There are numerous things to consider when searching for a dentist. An Ally One of the principle reasons why people avoid scheduling regular cleanings is due to the fact they fear that their dentist might scold them for not flossing and demean...
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​Brushing Tune up!

Brushing your teeth regularly is major key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and preventing periodontal (gum) diseases, but it's also important to make sure you choose the right toothbrush for your teeth and use proper brushing techniques. It takes time to brush effectively; most people just rush through it. One s...
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Essential Questions to Ask your Dentist

People are always taking their health for granted. In horrible condition, like when experiencing toothaches or any other dental problem get the best of our productivity, we usually turn to our local dentist for help. Being so engrossed by pain, with attention to the process and not on the series of question we need to ...
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